Which mattress is your firmest?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Our latest addition, the new firm mattress, offers the unique feature of being flippable, providing two different firmness levels. One side is rated at 8 on the firmness scale, while the other side is rated at 9. The firm side is specifically designed to accommodate heavier weights, with a maximum weight capacity of 25 stones on each side. It is an ideal choice for customers seeking an exceptionally firm mattress. Additionally, if the firm side proves to be too firm, you have the option to flip the mattress and enjoy a softer side.

In addition to its firmness and flip-able design, the firm mattress is enhanced with the benefits of bamboo charcoal foam infusion. This infusion brings additional features to the mattress, such as improved breathability, odor absorption, and moisture-wicking properties. The bamboo charcoal foam helps create a fresher and more comfortable sleep environment, allowing you to experience enhanced sleep quality on the firm side of the mattress.



Also below are other alternative firmness levels 


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