OTTY Firm Mattress Flippable 8/9

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Introducing OTTY Firm, our groundbreaking addition to the flippable mattress range. With the unique feature of usability on both sides, this mattress offers the ultimate versatility by providing two distinct firmness levels in a single product.

Designed specifically for orthopaedic needs, the OTTY Firm boasts exceptional ratings of 9/10 on one side and 8/10 on the other, ensuring personalized comfort and support for a variety of preferences.

Setting a new standard in mattress engineering, the Firm incorporates larger and thicker encapsulated pocket springs, surpassing the level of support found in any of our previous offerings. This innovative design maximizes stability, minimizes motion transfer, and promotes optimal spinal alignment for an unparalleled sleep experience.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and customization with the OTTY Firm, where luxury and support converge in one remarkable mattress.

Bamboo Charcoal infused

The OTTY Firm features our exclusive premium bamboo and charcoal memory foam, providing a multitude of health benefits that elevate your sleeping experience. This innovative material excels in temperature regulation, moisture-wicking properties, and anti-bacterial capabilities, effectively combating odours for a fresher sleep environment.

Crafted with precision, the bamboo and charcoal memory foam in the OTTY Firm ensures optimal temperature control, helping you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. Its moisture-wicking abilities draw away excess perspiration, promoting a dry and refreshing sleep surface.

Furthermore, the anti-bacterial properties of this advanced foam work diligently to reduce odours and keep your mattress fresh and hygienic. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a cleaner, more inviting sleep sanctuary.

Experience the remarkable benefits of our premium bamboo and charcoal memory foam in the OTTY Firm, where health-conscious design meets exceptional comfort.


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