Is it normal for a mattress to dip or have indentations?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

It is normal for a mattress to develop indentations over time with regular use. Mattresses are designed to contour and adapt to your body's shape, providing comfort and support. However, continuous pressure in specific areas can lead to compression and the formation of indentations. This is particularly common in mattresses made of memory foam or other materials that conform closely to the body.

To minimize the formation of indentations and prolong the lifespan of your mattress, You must rotate it regularly, every month for the first year and every 3 months thereafter. This helps distribute the weight and pressure evenly across the mattress surface. Additionally, using a mattress protector can provide an extra layer of cushioning and help protect the mattress from spills, stains, and body oils, which can accelerate indentation formation.

Although we cannot guarantee a consistent level of comfort throughout the lifespan of your OTTY mattress, we do offer a 10-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. If you suspect that your mattress has a defect, please provide us with pictures and a detailed description of the issue at, and our team will be happy to assist you.

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