Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

What is the Mattress Topper made from?

Our Mattress Topper is made of 3 layers which includes; 1x high density support foam, 1x bamboo and charcoal infused memory foam, and 1x bamboo and charcoal infused embroidered cover.

What sizes is the mattress topper available in?

UK sizes including; single, double, king, and superking.

How firm is the Mattress Topper?

Out of 10 (1 being soft and 10 being firm), the Mattress Topper is rated as 5.5.

How do I fit the Mattress Topper onto my mattress?

The Mattress Topper has an anti-slip base which means that you can simply place it on top of your mattress.

What is the best way to wash the Mattress Topper?

Our Mattress Topper can be dry cleaned only.

How often should I wash the Mattress Topper?

We’d recommend washing your Mattress Topper at least once a year.

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