Aura Hybrid Specification

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023
  1. What makes the Aura Hybrid different from other OTTY mattresses?

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress is our price leading mattress. Containing both springs and memory foam like our other mattresses, it has a lower spring count of up to 1000 springs.


  1. What is the Aura Hybrid mattress made of? 
  2. Removable, Washable Cover - Our luxury thick knit cover creates a soft sleeping surface and can be machine washed at 40 degrees.
  3. Temperature-Regulating Memory Foam - While providing comfort, perforations in the foam allow heat to escape from the mattress which will keep you at the perfect temperature throughout the night.
  4. High-Density Support Foam - Specially designed reflex foam is used to provide additional comfort and support.
  5. Encapsulated 16cm Pocket Springs - Our unrivaled spring size provides a medium-firm rating that maximizes the support offered to your body. The springs have motion transfer technology by working individually to reduce movement felt when sharing a bed.
  6. Airflow Side Support - Unique airflow technology offers an edge-to-edge sleeping surface that works alongside the other layers to allow heat to escape and regulate temperature.
  7. HD Base Foam - Standing at the bottom of the mattress, the foam provides a solid foundation for the other layers and ensures the mattress stands the test of time.


  1. How many layers of foam does the Aura Hybrid mattress have?

In total, there are 3 foam layers which are as follows:

  • 1x Temperature Regulating Memory Foam - this sits toward the top of the mattress and contains perforations in the foam to allow heat to escape
  • 1x High-Density Support Foam - this is placed in the middle of the mattress and provides comfort as well as additional support
  • 1x High-Density Base Foam - this stands at the bottom of the mattress and provides a solid foundation


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